Nancie Battaglia: In Motion


Winter Games vet and prolific photojournalist Nancie Battaglia has been documenting Olympians since 1980 when they came to compete in her adopted town of Lake Placid. The resulting collection of photos currently makes up the current show “… in motion …” on view at upstate New York’s 7444 Gallery through 6 March 2010. While sports fans may already be familiar with Battalgia’s photos from publications such as Sports Illustrated, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, her fine art work focuses on “extreme movements.”


Capturing athletes in extended or contorted poses, Battaglia explains “many athletes would think these photos are awful because they’re out of form.” Instead, Battaglia beautifully illustrates the tension athletes face as they exert themselves and push the boundaries of their strength.


As Battaglia covers the current games in Vancouver, her work is on display just a few minutes from where she began her career 30 years ago. “…in motion…” is a tribute to Battaglia’s work as well as the elegance of motion that occurs in fast-paced competition.


By Jacob Resneck from Cool Hunting.


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