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Suitcase Stickers

August 11, 2010



money laundry

dildo suitcase

In case you want to get audited by customs these suitcase stickers are for you.

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One Way or Another Art Sale

July 20, 2010


onewayoranother2_4.jpg onewayoranother2_5.jpg

Contributor has once again teamed up with Society6 and Club Mumble to curate their second art show in support of Contributor‘s charity. Building on the success of last year’s group show,“One Way Or Another” plays on the personal nature of a skateboard. Things like how you grip your board, how loose your trucks are and how you know that the size of your wheels down to the slightest of millimeters will make the hugest difference. In the end, the little wooden toy becomes one of the most personal things you can own.

Combining an open call at Society6 and a group of specially invited guests (curated by Andy JenkinsBob KronbauerSandro GrisonJustin CooperMike Giles and Annie Lam), the collaboration has selected over 40 artists/collectives from around the world to create original artwork on full-size blank maple decks.

What makes this project unique is that rather than people buying an already finished piece of artwork, their purchase will commission an artist/studio to make a board especially for them. So, when the board arrives, the design it features is a complete surprise, hand-crafted by your chosen artist. Boards can be purchased for $150 each in the Contributor online store with all the proceeds going directly back to getting skateboards to kids across Canada.

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10 of the Strangest and Most Awesome Choose Your Own Adventure Books

April 9, 2010

A funny look at 10 of the weirdest and also the most awesome book covers for the ’80s book series, Choose Your Own Adventure.

Yes, AWESOME! I don’t see how the story could live up to the bad ass title and cover but I give Jay Leibold credit for totally going there. A cyborg that is also a ninja. This exists and it is bad ass. Question: Am I the ninja cyborg or am I fighting the ninja cyborg? Points taken away if I’m fighting the ninja cyborg, but points given back if I’m also a bad ass ninja master. Who’s the dude in the blue tights in the background?


The Art of the Luggage Label.

March 22, 2010

Tom Schifanella collects classic luggage labels and shares them through his Flickr stream. A suitcase covered with these is a sign of a life grandly lived.

Luggage labels are fascinating bits of hotel history from the golden age of travel, roughly the 1900’s to 1960’s. During this time these labels were used by hotels as advertising and eagerly applied to steamer trunks, suitcases and all sorts of luggage by hotel staff, mainly bellhops.

Today, these same labels are highly desirable and sought after by collectors all over the world. Many of the designs were produced by some of the best poster designers from the golden age of travel like Roger Broders, Jan Lavies and Mario Borgoni.

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A record sleeve that turns into a player…wow

March 22, 2010


Who needs turntables when you have cardboard? GGRP Sound has come up with a brilliant way to play records: with the record sleeve. The needle-embedded carboard package folds up to hold a 45rpm in place, making sound while you spin it with a pencil. Instead of outputting to a speaker, the vibrations go through the needle and into the cardboard, and the sound quality is not bad, from what we’ve heard anyway.


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30 Retro Breakfast Cereals

March 19, 2010

retro cereals

Breakfast cereals have been popular ever since Will Keith Kellogg invented Corn Flakes. Since then, cereal has taken many forms, and become popular in many countries. Here are 30 retro breakfast cereals. Recognize any of them?

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Film Noir Posters: 1941 – 1958

March 19, 2010

film noir poster

Film Noir is a film genre that offers dark or fatalistic interpretations of reality. The term is applied to U.S. films of the late 1940s and early ’50s that often portrayed a seamy or criminal underworld and cynical characters. The films were noted for their use of stark, expressionistic lighting and stylized camera work, often employed in urban settings.

Film Noir Posters: 1941 – 1958

Dogs as Typefaces

March 18, 2010


Love this… Via Swissmiss