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The iCade

April 29, 2010


The best accessory for the iPad i’ve seen yet, the iCade. I hate April Fools.

Via Josh Spear


A record sleeve that turns into a player…wow

March 22, 2010


Who needs turntables when you have cardboard? GGRP Sound has come up with a brilliant way to play records: with the record sleeve. The needle-embedded carboard package folds up to hold a 45rpm in place, making sound while you spin it with a pencil. Instead of outputting to a speaker, the vibrations go through the needle and into the cardboard, and the sound quality is not bad, from what we’ve heard anyway.


via Gizmodo

Voodoo Pen Holder

March 8, 2010

voodoo pen holder

Not the biggest fan of the knife block version but thought this looks pretty neat and also serves as wireless mobbing of annoying colleagues.

As well as its obvious aesthetic appeal, this remarkable curio is a practical addition to any style-conscious screen monkey’s desk. And because it comes with six high quality javelin-style biros, you’ll never have to rummage through your drawers looking for a pen again. Simply extract one from any of the Voodoo’s strategically-positioned slots and get scribbling. It’s really rather cathartic.

But it’s sticking the pens in, Voodoo-style, that’s the fun bit. ‘No pay rise this year?’ (Ouch!); ‘So what if I said the boss’s wife’s got a face like a trampled bag of chips?’ (Eek!); ‘Here’s what I think of your human resources!’ (Aargh!). Even if you possess the penmanship of a hippo in boxing gloves we guarantee you’ll never tire of slotting biros in this hapless chap.

From Random Good Stuff.